The Gregorian College of Advanced studies presently aims at imparting theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of Commerce, Economics and English Language and Literature. The college envisions functioning as an instrument for enlightening, ennobling, and enriching the society by fostering academic excellence, moral integrity and social commitment in young men and women to meet the challenges of life in an era of technology and professionalism.

In spite of having several professional colleges in and around Thiruvananthapuram city, there is a dearth of enough Arts and Science Colleges catering to the needs of those who intent to study the conventional subjects. Most students from the professional stream nowadays take up job in the non core sector due to the availability of a good number of opportunities in such sectors. This realisation has given a renewed interest in students towards conventional courses. The Gregorian College of Advanced Studies has been conceptualized to fill this gap created due to the renewed interest of students to Arts and Science. The college envisions feeling its presence in the self financing stream of higher education incorporating as many as diverse courses in the coming years.

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